FETO members manipulate Facebook and Twitter with organized attacks

FETO members manipulate Facebook and Twitter with organized attacks

The Fethullah Terror Organization (FETO) followers living outside Turkey are putting great effort to manipulate the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Recently US-based Twitter suspended the account of the National Turkish American Steering Committee (TASC), a nationwide umbrella organization of the Turkish American community due to TASC’s comments criticizing the basketball player Enes Kanter, a fanatical follower of FETO and fugitive from Turkey.Even though TASC’s criticisms were not of an insulting nature to Kanter, a large number of organized FETO followers complained to Facebook and Twitter.Twitter’s action to suspend the TASC account while TASC was in discussions with Facebook,  brought criticism and protest from the Turkish American communityOn the other hand, there were approximately 600 complaints against TASC from social media accounts outside of the US, mainly from Europe.

In spite of all this TASC  continues to tell the facts about FETO.
TASC is undertaking many projects to explain the true nature of FETO to the American public. On July 15, 2020, TASC commemorated with great sadness the fourth anniversary of the  FETO instigated the violent July 15 coup in Turkey. For that occasion trucks and airplanes carrying many explanatory posters circulated all day in major US cities. 

The basketball player Enes Kanter, a fugitive from justice in Turkey, is a prime supporter of FETO and one of the key organizers of FETO followers in the US. Kanter is a propagandist against Turkey and he uses the NBA platform  for disinformation against Turkey which is a NATO partner and an ally against terrorEnes Kanter who was with the Boston Celtics has changed his last name to Gulen after the Gulen instigated coup attempt against the democratically elected Turkish government in 2016. Enes calls himself the “Hizmetin Hizmetkari” common catchwords of FETO, meaning “Servant of  Service”, all of which show openly that Enes is a supporter of the terror organization of Fethullah Gulen.
Enes continues to visit Fethullah Gulen in his Pennsylvania compound and carries on with blatant support to the terror organization, FETO.

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