TASC Hosts Turkish Presidential Event

TASC Hosts Turkish Presidential Event


TASC Hosts Turkish Presidential Event, Starts off United Nations General Assembly Week

Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan spoke before a full house at the beautiful 583 Park Avenue . Over 1,000 Turkish American and Muslim American community leaders from across the nation came to hear the Turkish President ahead of United Nations General Assembly meetings this week, in which Turkey will take an active role.
The New York Ataturk School Choir sang the Turkish National Anthem, The Ballad of Gallipoli, and patriotic Turkish song, “Memleketim – “My Country”. A prayer of world peace was offered by Turkish Imam Fatih Kanca of the Turkish American Community Center and Mosque of Lanham, Maryland.

TASC Co-Chair Gunay Evinch commended the broadening of Turkish American solidarity and respect for inter-Turk diversity, and encouraged productive integration into American society through civic empowerment, economic strength, and rich cultural exchange. Evinch remembered the accomplishments of the Federation of Turkish American Associations (FTAA), the Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA), as well as today’s important work of the Diyanet Center of America, MUSIAD, TUSIAD, American Turkish Council (ATC) and Turkish American Business Council (DEIK) trade organizations.

Evinch recognized Mr. and Ms. Yalcin and Serpil Ayasli, the founders of the Turkish Coalition of American (TCA), Turkish American Legal Defense Fund (TALDF), and Turkish Coalition Political Action Committees (TC-PACs) for catapulting Turkish American public advocacy into a new era of success. Evinch recognized the Turkish National Lacrosse Team, made up mostly of Turkish Americans, which offered the President a team jersey from last summer’s World Championships in Israel. TASC co-sponsored the Turkish Nationals.

TASC Co-Chair, Dr. Halil Mutlu, thanked the TASC Board of Directors and main sponsor of the event, Vice President of ERG Construction Sani Erbilgin. Mutlu underlined the importance of strategic Turkish American alliances with the American Somali, Syrian, and Muslim communities. The TASC Board of Directors came on stage to present a gift to the Turkish President. They included: Treasurer Murat Guzel, Secretary General Oya Bain, Nevin Bakir, Dr. Tuncay Bayrak, Attorney Ayhan Ogmen, Aydin Mammedov, Dr. Behram Turan, and Memis Yetim.

Speakers also included Osama Jamal, General Secretary of the United States Council for Muslim Organizations (USCMO), and Abdulhafid Djemil, President of the Islamic Leadership of New York (Majlis-i Shura), who commended Turkey’s regional leadership, humanitarianism toward Syrian refugees, and humanitarian programs in Africa and Southeast Asia. They condemned PKK-YPG and FETO terror.

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