TASC Remembers Cigdem Acar Expresses Sympathies to Family and Turkish American Community

TASC Remembers Cigdem Acar Expresses Sympathies to Family and Turkish American Community

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you of the passing of a dear friend to all of us, Cigdem Acar, who died on _______ after a long fight with cancer.  The Turkish American National Steering Committee (TASC) expresses its condolences to family and friends of Cigdem Acar, and calls upon you to support the Turkish Philanthropy Fund Bridges of Hope program that Cigdem founded.
Cigdem did not yield to cancer, as her life spirit kept up the struggle for the forces of good in Turkey.  She was a colleague and a friend of mine, who always supported Turkish American solidarity and diversity.  Of Sephardic Jewish background, Cigdem never ceased to inform people how Turkish kindness and solidarity embraced the Jews of Europe who escaped the European Inquisitions of the 1400s and the Holocaust of the 1940s. Cigdem expressed her gratitude by helping disadvantaged children, particularly young girls, of rural Anatolia.
TASC calls on the community to remember and give life to Cigdem’s humanitarian spirit by donating to the Turkish Philanthropy Fund Bridges of Hope program, to which TASC will make a contribution today.  Please see our Third Party notification below.
Gunay Evinch
Turkish American National Steering Committee

Remembering Çiğdem Acar

We are deeply saddened by the passing of our beloved friend and founder of Bridges of Hope Project, Çiğdem Acar after a long illness. Çiğdem saw herself as an enabler, a doer, a lover of humankind and believed in spreading hope to people. She will forever be loved and forever be missed by countless people.

To honor Çiğdem’s spirit and legacy, Turkish Philanthropy Funds established the Çiğdem Acar Memorial Fund. The fund will support ILKYAR, an organization Çiğdem supported immensely during her lifetime to give opportunities to girls in village schools in Turkey.

Çiğdem would have wanted more women to be out in the world, brushing up against life. We hope to invest in realizing her vision of this braver, lovelier world.

Please make your contribution here.

Gifts can also be sent to:
The Çiğdem Acar Memorial Fund
c/o Turkish Philanthropy Funds
120 E. 23rd Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10010
100 percentage of your donations will be directed to ILKYAR and TPF will report the names of memorial donors to Çiğdem’s family.

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