TASC Condemns Massacre at Istanbul Ataturk International Airport

TASC Condemns Massacre at Istanbul Ataturk International AirportThe Turkish American National Steering Committee (TASC), representing over 150 Turkish associations nationwide and 19 mosques, condemns the massacres of over 40 and wounding of
over 300 innocent people at the Istanbul Ataturk International Airport Tuesday evening, the world’s 10 th largest airport. We pray for the victims and their families, and stand with Turkey against terrorism, as we stood with France who lost 139 in November 2015 and Belgium who lost 32 in March. At approximately 9pm, three terrorists using Kalashnikovs raided the drop-off curb outside of the international arrivals terminal and started to mow down travelers. Confronted by law enforcement, they then blew themselves up, killing more travelers.

Officials suspect that ISIS carried out the attack, first using Kalashnikovs acquired from the Kurdish terror trio, PKK/YPG/PYD, to shoot down as many people as possible, similar to the June 12 Orlando massacre that took 49 lives. The attackers then blew themselves up to avoid capture and kill more civilians, similar to the ISIS attack at Brussels International The last airport attack in Turkey was in 1982 by the Armenian Secret Army (ASALA) terror group, which raided the terminal and opened automatic fire upon travelers, killing 10, including an American, and injuring more than 70.


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