TASC Co-Chair Evinch Speaks at Syrian Opposition Hill Event

TASC Co-Chair Evinch Speaks at Syrian Opposition Hill Event

“The Assad Regime has failed to destroy the political opposition in Syria, partly because over 3 million Syrians have sought refuge in Turkey”, TASC Co-Chair Gunay Evinch stated before an audience of over 200 Congressional staffers and five Members of Congress at an event by the Syrian American Council (SAC) on the sixth anniversary of the Syrian Revolution.

Evinch expressed, “It’s not easy to fight ISIS and PKK/YPG at the same time while hosting millions of refugees.” Evinch described the Refugee Relief Division of the Turkish Ministry of the Interior, “where hundreds of young men and women are working in stuffy little offices with files piled on their desks. They take deep pride in their humanitarian work, to make sure the refugees have medical treatment, education, social security, proper immigration papers, and housing,” Evinch explained. “The refugees are not a security problem, Assad is a security problem”, Evinch emphasized.

“If you would like to reach out to these Turkish public servants to lend your words of support, please let me know, because the Turkish American National Steering Committee networks humanitarians with one another for solidarity with the refugees and for a more responsive U.S. foreign policy in the region.” Congressmen Pete Sessions, Brandon Boyle, and Eliot Engel commended Turkey and TACC, while expressing strong allegiance to SAC and the Syrian Revolution.

Photo: Co-Chair Evinch with Syrian refugees who immigrated from Turkey.

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