Security Policy Expert Mete Yarar: “15 July Operation is Not Over”

Security Policy Expert Mete Yarar: “15 July Operation is Not Over”

TASC Board member Nevin Bakir organized two important programs in DC and in NY   about the FETO movement, featuring the security policies expert and writer  Mete Yarar.

The DC program was entitled “July 15 Coup Attempt and its Effects on Turkey” took place at the National Press Club.  Yarar stressed the fact that the coup attempt was NOT a “one day” event. The terror movement  did their groundwork for years by infiltrating the infrastructure of the country.

PKK and DAESH  terror attacks overlap with each other; they undermine the country’s stability and make it susceptible to FETO attacks. July 15 coup may include intertwined terror groups. These will be probably  elucidated in future.

Yarar brought attention to the FETO activities outside of Turkey and stressed the fact the FETO period is not yet finished. FETO activities still continue outside of Turkey and these activities   should be brought to light.

In another country a coup like the one on July 15th would require years of recovery. Turkey is resilient and forward looking .

Is there a possibility of second coup? Yarar answered that 15th July is still continuing in the form of many FETO activities outside Turkey. In Turkey the public, the soldiers, the police are now experienced and seasoned to deal effectively with a similar situation. The government is taking all the precautions. But the outside activities of FETO which are murky and secretive still are continuing .

TASC Board Member and Communications Coordinator Mustafa Tuncer gave a summary of FETO activities in the U.S. TASC, a new organization was formed for the purpose to be more active and involved on national issues such as FETO activities and keep the Turkish community well informed.

The Turkish community in the U.S. appears united against the FETO  and shows no interest  and support of such coups.

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