Oppose anti-Turkey Armenian resolution HRes220!

Oppose anti-Turkey Armenian resolution HRes220!

Turkish Americans and Friends of Turkey,

As you may be aware, Armenian extremists are again pushing for a Congressional resolution to falsely convict Turkey and people of Turkish and Muslim heritage of high crimes for events more than a century ago: H. Res. 220. Armenian “genocide” claims failed in the Malta Tribunals, Istanbul Tribunals, European Court of Human Rights, and the courts of the United States. Now, the Armenian lobby seeks to jerry-build a criminal conviction by manipulating Congress.

Underlying the resolution’s purported concern for ISIL victims is a crude attempt to mislead Congress about the real target, which is Turkey and US-Turkish relations.

Please voice your concerns and opposition to your Representative through our engagement site:  Take Action Now!

It takes only One Minute to complete and send a message that has been prepared for you by our experts.

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Thank you!


The Turkish American National Steering Committee


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