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The Turkish American National Steering Committee (TASC) is a District of Columbia non-profit organization that helps coordinate the efforts of the nation’s leading Turkish American organizations.

Our focus is on public education and advocacy programs that support Turkish American civic empowerment and strong United States – Turkey relations. TASC includes Turkish American community leaders, many of whom are also leaders in other Turkish American organizations.

Individual and group participation in TASC is voluntary. TASC decisions do not bind other organizations in which TASC officers and directors may be active, unless such organizations agree to participate in a TASC program.

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TASC’s mission is to promote and amplify a unified Turkish American voice on issues that affect the Turkish American community and Unites States – Turkish relations. TASC pools the resources of participating organizations for the common interests of the community. TASC coordinates the complementary capabilities of participating organizations.

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TASC’s vision of Turkish American civic empowerment is based on solidarity within diversity, and open collaboration among community leaders and volunteers in support of our common interests.


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